Name Ala of the storms

Age: 23

Build: Large Muscled Amazon that is covered in scares that cover her arms and back both from battle and being punished by her masters.

Hair: Hand cut with a jagged knife making her sandy hair look slightly wild and unkempt. Scars: her back and forearms are covered in scars from beatings or whippings from her former masters.She also carry's a noticeable scar on her jaw leading down to her thin neck from a knife wound from when she fought in the arena

Homeland: Asgaurd

Religion: set . growing up on the streets made her independent and with no parental figure to look to there has been no major influence in her life to make her

devoted in a single god.

Life: Mentor B(warrior)

Occupation: Warrior

Childhood: Was born into slavery from a slave and her owner. It was very quickly decided due to her large frame she was to be a slave fighter in the pits. eventually her master was killed and all of his slaves that were loyal to him were sent into exile. Weaknesses: Cant Read, Can Be Rude or lacking tack. Low survival skills in the wilderness and can become loss very easy. Strengths: Seen Combat that puts career soldier to shame. IS very calm and collected and has exp training new slaves in combat.Straight to the point. Major Flaws: Dislikes men finding them typically unable to control themselves and are quick to abuse women. Hates slavers.